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Department of Community Health

Department of Community Health

Community health is one of the classic public health sub-areas, and as such deals with the prevention of diseases, the extension of life and the promotion of physical and mental health through organised societal action. The special feature of the Community Health focus is the reference to the community and the idea that health is influenced not only by individual behaviour, but primarily by the direct living environment, such as the domestic environment, the neighbourhood or the municipality. The Department of Community Health of the hsg, founded in 2014, places the focus of its teaching and research on special questions from these areas.

With its two new bachelor degree programmes of "Health and Diversity Studies" and "Community Health Care" (care in the neighbourhood), the Department of Community Health is committed to closely orienting its activities to the needs of users and in particular to actively involving multi-diverse and socially disadvantaged population groups in concepts and measures that promote health.

The graduates of both degree programmes are prepared to work in a resource-oriented fashion. This means, to identify potentials of people in the areas where they live and to incorporate these into the development of solutions suitable for everyday life. They actively design the communities and the direct living environment of a heterogeneous society with the most varied needs. They are active, for example, in organizations of the social services and health systems, in private companies, in public administration in social welfare institutions, with social insurance carriers, associations and initiatives, but also in research and training.


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